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IoT @ Healthcare

Healthcare IoT for Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare IoT for Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

ARK SolutionZ delivers solution for IoT and allied technologies which help deliver affordable healthcare access in India.

ARK SolutionZ healthcare of tomorrow and business opportunities, we at ARK SolutionZ can deliver allied IoT based health care solution and have successful implementation of use-cases and success stories.

Real-time monitoring enables continuous care based on data. Detailed data gives a complete picture of the patient, which enables doctors to give truly personalized advice. The aggregation and analysis of large amounts of data enable doctors to see patterns that they can use to support their decision-making. And ongoing monitoring and real-time analysis of the situation will lead to swift recognition and action when the situation of a patient is worsening and requires intervention.

The ARK SolutionZ digital platform represents a new era in connected care for both patients and providers, as healthcare continues to move outside of the hospital walls, and into our homes and everyday lives.

ARK SolutionZ, supported by, is an open, cloud-based platform, which collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources.

Health systems, care providers, and individuals can access data on personal health, specific patient conditions and entire populations—so care can be more personalized and people more empowered in their own health, well-being, and lifestyle.

Connecting solutions from the hospital to the home, we can enable a path to healthier living and well being, throughout the health continuum

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